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You Are My Sunshine

‘You Are My Sunshine’ is a song I’ve been singing to my children since they were born.

Recently my son went into his baby sister’s room and declared he wanted to sing her a lullaby. Without missing a beat he launched into singing her You Are My Sunshine * insert melting heart and emotional mother!*

We have a slight problem though…my son doesn’t want to be my sunshine, he wants to be my moonshine! I don’t have the heart to tell him that Moonshine has another meaning. Haha. So I tweaked the song for him and (if you can get past the illegal alcohol factor) it’s pretty sweet.


“You are my Moonshine, my only Moonshine,

You make me happy, when stars are bright.

You’ll never know dear, how much a love you,

Keep on shining through the night.”


Do you have a special song that sing to you children? Or a song that you change the words to? Join in the conversation on my Facebook Page.

Oh and here’s a beautiful cover for you to enjoy…

I can confirm I don’t sound like this!

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