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Touch & Feel Favourites

Babies and toddlers simply adore ‘Touch and Feel’ books. These books have an interactive element, such as spots that are bumpy, furry, shiny, squishy, mirrored and often include lift-the-flap, pop-ups, sliding mechanisms or peek-a-boo holes. Touch and Feel books belong in our toy area as Eric Carle famously said ‘books to play with, toys to read…” and I couldn’t agree more! When reading one to a child, see if you can resist the interactive element – I bet you can’t! Here are some of my favourites.

1. Touch and Feel Playbook by Eric Carle

If you are searching for a Touch and Feel book, this one has it all. Our one at home has been so loved that’s it’s, well, falling apart! My 1-year-old loves to make the animal sounds as she touches the wooly sheep or the lions fluffy mane and my 3-year-old likes to ‘read’ the accompanying words to the pictures and I can tell you that the lift-the-flap mirrored square has undergone a few repairs! So yes, it’s a much-loved book and easily my number one choice as it is interactive on so many levels.


2. Usborne’s That’s Not My Series by Fiona Watt.

I think we own about 12 of these board books from Dogs to Dragons, Robots and Angels and they have all been read over and over again. The repetitive text allows for toddlers to memorise the words and also guess what the texture is. I would be shocked to hear if you have children and don’t own one of these books, and if you don’t their creators are very on trend and have just released a “That’s not my Unicorn”, so get on board (see what I did there?)!



3: Ladybird Series “This Little…” by Lucy Lyes.

This series has similar touch and feel elements to the That’s Not My Series, but there is more text and it rhymes – which children love! Each page introduces you to a new little character and tells you their name, until you get to the last page where you get to make up the character’s name. We have had many creative names given to our little Monster and Dinosaur (ranging from Poo-face to Rupert – depending on their mood!) It’s a fun conversation to have and an extra interactive element to the book. And of course, there are loads of titles to choose from so you’re sure to find one that sparks your little ones interest.

4. Supersqueak Comics: The Mystery of the Missing Cheese

This is a very cool book, or should I say comic book? It’s illustrations and storyline about Super Squeak mimic that of a classic comic book, but a mini version for kids! The book is colourful, shiny and there is also a touch and feel element on every page. The simple storyline and rhyming text makes it a fun and interactive choice for the older toddlers.



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