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Bushfire Stories With Hope

As adults we can barely comprehend what is happening in our country right now, so I certainly don’t expect our children too. But my kids currently have questions and fears and books is usually my go-to in helping them. So I went searching and thought I’d put together a list of bushfire stories that have a message of hope.

Full disclaimer, I have note read all of these stories yet, merely gathered titles that might help some children process what is happening around Australia and find some hope amongst this very scary and sad time. Please note, I don’t believe these would be appropriate for children directly affected by the fires.

I encourage you to note the age recommendations and to read the stories first before reading them to your child so you can make a judgement call on whether or not they would be appropriate.


By Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

4-7 years

Inspired by the bushfires that have affected many Australians, Fire is a moving and sensitive story of a natural disaster as seen through the eyes of a cockatoo.  The fire mercilessly engulfs homes and land, leaving a devastating path of destruction.But from the ruins, courage,kindness and new life grows.

Birdie and the Fire

By Andrea Murray and Anil Tortop

(No age range specified)

Birdie and her friends have to get away from a bushfire. A story for young children about recovering from fires.

Read the full story here.

The House on the Mountain

By Ella Holcombe & David Cox

Ages 7-11

The powerful story of a family who lose their home in a bushfire and their journey of recovery. Atmospheric and intensely moving, this is the story of a family experiencing a bushfire, its devastating aftermath, and the long process of healing and rebuilding.

Fabish: The Horse that Braved a Bushfire

By Neridah McMullin and Andrew McLean

Ages 6-9 

A powerful and beautifully illustrated picture book based on the true story of a brave horse called Fabish, who saved a group of young horses during the Black Saturday bushfires.


Please let me know if you have any stories that you recommend to add to this list.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by these fires.


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