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Spooky Picture Books for Halloween

It is Halloween this month and whether you celebrate this holiday or not, it’s a great excuse to read some spooky picture books!


Room on the Broom by Julie Donaldson

This is such a popular story that it has been adapted into a film and a stage production. When this not-so-scary witch loses her belongings, some helpful animals find them and they are offered some room on her broom. But can these friends help save the witch from the hungry dragon?  It’s an Iggety, Ziggety, Zaggety, ZOOM! Family favourite!


I’m Not Scared by Dan Crisp

This little scaredy-cat is trying really hard to convince us that he’s not scared of anything; but who’s that at the door? With it’s rhyming text and funny illustrations (that bear wiping his bum in the woods get’s me every time), it’s got every scary creature you could imagine and more.


Whoops! By Suzi Moore

Now technically this little old lady who lives in the woods, who also happens to do magic, isn’t called a ‘witch’; but I think there’s enough evidence to allow this one onto the Halloween list! Follow the Cat, The Dog and the Mouse to the tumbledown house for a crazy, mixed-up noisy adventure; my son thinks the ending to this one is hilarious!


A Monster Wrote Me a Letter by Nick Bland

When a little boy receives a letter from a monster wanting to play, he doesn’t want to appear rude so he replies and invites the monster over for a play. The Monster also doesn’t want to appear rude, but the original letter was actually meant for his cousin Fred, who lives under the boys bed! Both the boy and the monster prepare for the catch-up not knowing what to expect from each other. A clever, sweet and funny story that will ease any ‘monster under the bed’ fears your little one might have.


My Dead Bunny by Sigi Cohen

This book is actually quite frightening and is recommended for children aged 7 and above. I don’t recommend this book for a sensitive child, the very young or for a child who has recently lost a pet (you really don’t want them digging up your garden or thinking their pet is going to come back to haunt them!) But, aside from this, all I can say is I love it! It is a unique book, very quirky and despite the spookiness, Brad the Zombie Bunny has a certain…charm. The rhyming text is catchy and the illustrations are a masterpiece and it’s funny too! For the right child, it will be a hit!

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