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Shower Power!

I have been working on a particular manuscript for a few months now and fine-tuning it so it’s ready to submit to publishers. But I’ve had one aspect of my manuscript nagging away at me; my character didn’t solve the problem herself, it was solved for her. This is an important element of writing children’s stories, so I knew I had to let go of my original ending and find one that fitted with this ‘rule’. Then, last night, I’m having a shower and– hurrah! The idea for a new, character driven, ending popped into my head and I was able to re-write my ending; happy days!

The shower is a brilliant place for brainwaves, as the alone time and relaxation create the perfect environment for daydreaming and creativity. What a great excuse for a shower! Where or when do you do you do your best creative thinking? Head over to my Facebook page and let me know.



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