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Scribbles Masterclass, KidLitVic & More!

May, what a marvellous month you were for me!


Proof – us Scribblers having a blast!

On Friday the 18th I refused to battle the train, or should I say replacement buses, and instead drove to Melbourne for Jen Storer’s Scribbles Masterclass. Scribbles is an online creative course/group I signed up to last year (you may remember me talking about it in this Blog Post). I was so nervous but bursting with excitement to finally meet all the wonderful people I’d been talking to online and to ‘do the verk,’ with Jen as our royal leader.

All I can say is it was, QUICK! 3 hours felt like 30 minutes! We played with poetry, deconstructed voice, wrote badly, discovered the writer’s toolbox and then suddenly it was Q&Q and then time to go! It was a blast – thanks Jen!

The next day was even bigger, the KidLitVic conference.


Me at #KidLitVic2018 with all my friends

I felt very professional with my serious lanyard and business cards in my pocket. So what if I only handed out ONE for the day? Haha.

The keynote speaker was Leigh Hobbs of Mr Chicken fame, he was engaging, warm and funny. He spoke about the three key ingredients for success; talent, luck & perseverance. But most importantly, his message was to ‘do it for the love!‘ That I can do.

Throughout the day I listened to panels of publishers discuss various aspected of the industry. And, I ate the most amazing chocolate Jaffa cupcake!

I attended ‘The Art of Editing,’ workshop with Elise Jones from Allen & Unwin.

The 3 ‘Hot Tips’ form this workshop were:

  1. Narrative drive is EVERYTHING.
  2. Place the reader.
  3. SHOW DON’T TELL – trust the reader.

I met with Anouska Jones from EK Books to have two of my manuscripts assessed. She had some lovely things to say; including that I had a clear love for words, excellent rhythm and rhyme and that my writing evoked lots of visual imagery. She also provided me with helpful advice on how to improve my stories and make sure that my target audience is being reached. I highly recommend this process to anyone attending the conference next year. The opportunity to hear feedback on your manuscript direct from a publisher is priceless.

Networking was a huge part of the day. Despite what my lonely polaroid shot suggests, I made lots of new friends. I feel so privileged to be part of the most supportive writing community.

A special shout out to the team at KidLitVic2018 for making this conference possible.

Now I’m back to writing, editing, researching and rewriting…until next year!


I know it’s been a few weeks since this all happened, but afterwards I had a very special girls birthday to organise and an epic Elsa cake to bake…the inside wasn’t as pretty.

I think I’ll stick to writing!

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