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Reflection and Goals for 2019

2019 – how did that happen? Pretty sure it’s still 1997 and I’m listening to Hanson, while feeling nervous about starting High School…ha. The simpler days!

But reality check for me 2018 has been and gone and I can’t believe that not only did I smash the goals I set in this ever so interesting Blog article, but I ended the year with two stories published in an Anthology. So what will 2019 have in store for me?

Yes this Anthology! Have you got your copy?

2019 – Are you the year for me?

Oh, I hope so. I feel like I’m getting closer and closer that ever so distant publishing contract for a picture book. But I’ve got some work to do before I get there.

Goal #1 – Submit!

Thanks to my “write, write write” goal of 2018, I’ve got stack of picture books up my sleeve but I really struggle to take the leap and submit them. You only get one shot when submitting to a publisher so your work has to be just right. That’s why my first goals of this year is to let go of my manuscripts and to use the services of the many fabulous KidLit Editors that are around Australia to ensure they are ‘just right.’ I’m also going to step up my game and for the first time ever submit to Agents. Wish me luck!

Sing it, Elsa!

Goal #2 –  Write a Middle Grade Novel

‘Wait what?’ I hear you say. ‘You only write picture books!’ PLOT TWIST! Thanks to my Scribbles Course I’ve been dabbling in more writing styles and would love to take on this challenge. Not to submit it for publication (because I know my limits), but for the process! I’m going to create characters, play with voice, plot my story…ok I have NO IDEA what I’m doing, but you can only learn by doing, so I’m going to give it a crack.

Just in case you couldn’t imagine it for yourself. A Novel. By me in 2019.

Goal #3 – Balance

This is my word for the year. It is a writing and personal goal. I have two beautiful small children at home and life gets hectic! So my aim this year is to write or at least jot ideas everyday, spend more time playing with my kids (rather than always rushing around), and get moving! OK this goal may be mission impossible – but I will try! Balance is what I need!

Gee I’m clever at this balance business! 
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What are your big goals for 2019? Or do you have a ‘word for the year?’

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