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Picture Books About Sharing

Let me tell you something that is not groundbreaking, it is SO hard to teach children to share. Children’s Authors around the globe are onto this dilemma and have written some fantastic books on the topic.

Here are some of my favourite picture books about sharing. They are favourites because their messages about sharing are subtle and delivered in fun and imaginative ways.

Sharing a Shell

Written by Julia Donaldson

Illustrated by Lydia Monks

Followers you know I love Julie Donaldson’s work, so I couldn’t possible go past this book. The story follows a crab who finds himself sharing his shell with an anemone (always a fun word for the kids to learn) and a bristle worm. They all work together to help each other until they outgrow the shell and go their separate ways; don’t worry, they find a way back to each other in the end. Children will love the rhythmic rhyming text, repetition, alliteration and vibrant illustrations.

Click here to purchase the board book edition.

Peas and Quiet

Written by Gabrielle Tozer

Illustrated by Sue deGennaro

I recently discovered this picture book when I was drawn to the gorgeous illustrations on the cover. Pip and Pop are two peas in a pod. While they mostly live happily together, they are two very different peas. Pip likes cooking and singing loudly and Pop likes dreaming and snoring up a storm! How can two opposite peas live in harmony and find some peas and quiet? The perfect books to teach children about differences and sharing space. Also written in rhyme which kids love!

You can purchase a copy from Booktopia.

Bucket Sheep

Written and Illustrated by Jemma Phillips

We have had this on our shelves for a few years now and it is still a red hot favourite. And what’s not to love? A story about a greedy sheep who tries to gobble up all the hay without sharing, but ends up with a bucket stuck on his head! Even better, it’s based on a true story and my kids love seeing a photo of the real bucket sheep on end pages. It is such a beautiful book that I have gifted it often – see this Blog Post for cute presentation ideas!

It’s sold out on a few of the big sites but you can still order directly through the authors page on this link.

Pig the Pug

Written and Illustrated by Aaron Blabey

Pig the Pug we ADORE you and your naughty ways! The original Pig the Pug book is all about how greedy and selfish Pig is for not sharing his toys with his housemate Trevor. The consequences – well pigs do not fly. It is hilariously brutal! Be warned though, once you start reading these you will become as greedy as Pig and need the whole collection! You can buy it here plus his latest, Pig the Grub, here.

Gossie: A Gosling on the GO!

Written and Illustrated by Olivier Dunrea

It is a sweet tale about Gossie and how much he loves his red boots. One day he cannot find them, he looks everywhere until he sees them – on someone else’s feet! Luckily Gossie has the perfect solution. The simple text and illustrations make this story is perfect for little ones. There are many more books in the series which introduce all of Gossie’s friends and their big personalities.

Be sure to check out the Gossie and Friends Website for interactive games and activities. 

Have you read any of these books to your children to encourage them to share? Is there a favourite book on sharing that I’ve missed? I’d love for you to share your thoughts on my Facebook Page. Because remember – sharing is caring!

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