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Picture Book Series

How much do we love a good series, and not just on Netflix. We love book series too, and kids do as well.

But why do we love picture book series?

  1. Children love revisiting the same characters, there’s no need to ‘learn’ about them. They’re already familiar with them (and the format) and this allows them to dive straight into the story.
  2. If there is a series, we probably love the main character – and we want more! We can’t wait to see what adventure they’ll be on next.
  3. We love a good collection. Ok, maybe this is just me and my kids, but when I see a new book in a series and I already own and love the others I will simply have to buy it!
  4. Which brings us to my fourth reason – publishers love a series! Parents will be more inclined to purchase books they know their kids are going to love. If a series is selling, it means they have found a formula that works and we will see more. So if you want to see more from a series, give the creators feedback or simply keep buying the books.

Knowing all this as a writer means I am always on the lookout to create a picture book series of my own. However, not every picture book lends itself to a series. So, I’m doing a little happy dance because I’ve finally put one together – hooray!!!

I am actually really excited about it as I now have three picture books that work independently, but together as a series as well. They are funny, commercially viable and involve a dog and a cat – what’s not to love?

The next step? To get them assessed and then edited. And then…published. Ha. Well, I will try!

Talking of picture book series, here are some of my favourites. 

I’d love to know which series you and your kids love!

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