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My Top 5 Unicorn Books – get ready to sparkle!

Unicorns are all the rage right now and I am loving all the unicorn cakes, clothes, toys and even the unicorn hairstyles – yep this mystical creature is everywhere; even our picture books. To celebrate the release of Usborne Publishing ‘That’s Not My Unicorn’ (the 50th title in the much loved series – check it out here), I’ve created a list of my favourite unicorn picture books so you too can enjoy a splash of glitter during story time!

1. Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great – by Bob Shea. 

This story follows poor Goat who is overcome with jealousy since Unicorn has moved into town and, why not? Unicorn can fly, turn things to gold and make it rain cupcakes. But is being a Unicorn all that it’s cracked up to be? I think this book is hilarious; it is full of attitude, sarcasm and has an important message about self-acceptance too.

2. Thelma the Unicorn – by Aaron Blabey.

I’m a big fan of Aaron’s books and Thelma the Unicorn is no exception. This little pony dreams to be a unicorn and when her wish is granted in the way of a carrot on her head and a truck filled with pink paint and glitter, she is thrilled with a life of fame and fortune. But, of course, being famous has its downfalls and Thelma wonders whether she preferred just being herself. This story has a beautiful message and it will be a hit with any young reader; whether they are into unicorns or not.

3. Not Quite Narwhal – by Jessie Sima.

This is a story about Kelp, a little unicorn who believes he is a narwhal, until one day he is swept to the surface and discovers that he is actually a unicorn! Kelp then feels torn between the two worlds, is there a way he can belong to both? Now, let me just say if I could pluck little Kelp from the page and take him home with me – I would! He is the sweetest little unicorn and you will fall in love with his gentle nature and the beautiful illustrations in this book. This is a story about belonging, individuality and the importance of a family’s love.

4. Sugarlump and the Unicorn – by Julia Donaldson. 

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to write a ‘favourite’ list and not include a Julia Donaldson book! In this story Sugarlump the rocking horse wants to be free and the unicorn is happy to grant his wish again and again. This is a ‘be careful what you wish for’ tale and it is full of rhymes, magic and of course, glitter!

5. That’s Not My Unicorn – by Fiona Watt

If you are a fan of Fiona Watt’s ‘That’s Not My’ series, you will not be disappointed with her 50th title. That’s Not My Unicorn is full of colour, sparkles, magic and of course lots of touchy-feely patches; it is perfect for the very young or the young at heart!

I hope you’ve discovered a new unicorn book to love! Have I included your favourite? Head over to my Facebook page and let me know what you think and be sure to like my page for an exciting, sparkly give-away that’s coming soon!

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