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Hello lovely followers! I hope your new year is off to a flying start!

In my last post ‘Reflection & Goals for 2018‘ I talked about my goals for 2018 and I’m here to report that I’m making progress on a couple of them already.

The first major step I took is joining the team at Creative Kids Tales! This membership gives me access to the writing forum (hello networking goal!), an aspiring Author Profile that you can check out here: Creative Kids Tales – Sharna Carter, my very own Critique Group and loads more!

I will admit the critique group scares me slightly, but I know that receiving feedback on my work is essential to meeting my ‘refine my work’ goal, and I get the opportunity to critique work myself which will be a great learning experience. My first round starts this week – so wish me luck! 

I’ve also been doing some homework on creative writing by reading Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you are a ‘creative,’ I suggest you get your hands on this book – it is a must read!

I adore Elizabeth’s take on ideas, perfectionism, persistence, curiosity, ego and working with stubborn gladness. I’ll be re-reading when I need an attitude check. ;)

Finally, I’ve been working through my Scribbles Modules and have had a major breakthrough with one of my manuscripts thanks to this course. I’m really enjoying experimenting with different writing styles and ideas. If you are looking to for a children’s creative writing course – that is actually creative – then this would be the course for you!

So, that’s where I’m at. A reminder to my KidLit friends (Writers and Illustrators) that the CYA Competition is now open. This competition is one of my favourites because they provide you with detailed feedback from not one, but two assessors. I’ve got a few entries I’m ready to submit and I hope you do too!

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