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How did I get here?

I absolutely love to read and my day job as a Drama Teacher has always given me a platform to be creative and tell stories. But I didn’t find my love of writing picture books until my adorable baby boy came into this world and I had someone to write for. I’m not going to lie, being a stay-at-home mum has made me go a little bit crazy at times and the idea for my first book came at one of those times; when my son was throwing his food, again! I’m fairly sure if you speak to any parent they have experienced this stage (and if you haven’t then shhhhhh), so that’s why I was surprised to find that there was not one book about this messy habit.

That is all it took for a little idea to be planted and then nag away at me until I put pen to paper and got the story out of my system! This story has since undergone massive changes, in that I scrapped the whole thing and re-wrote and edited and edited it some more. I have joined writing forums, entered competitions and read and read and read some more and I’m feeling much more familiar with this crazy world of writing for children and so here I am…now dealing with my daughter throwing her food *sigh*, I really better get onto publishing that book!

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