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You can have your story AND your cake too!

How much do you love it when you buy a children’s book and it comes with a little something extra? It really is a great draw card for buyers and also adds to the excitement of receiving a book as a gift. The most popular of these would have to be a plush toy that comes in a cute little gift pack or a CD that has the song version of the book.

Recently my daughter received a book for her first birthday called “The Carrot Cake Catastrophe” by Elizabeth Dale, which my 3-year-old was quick to claim as his own. The ‘bonus’ in this book was that it featured a Carrot Cake Recipe in the back. After my son pleaded/whined/demanded asked nicely, we set out to make the carrot cake together. I love cooking with my kids and the recipe was easy to follow and there were lots of ways for him to get involved. We talked about the book as we went and I must say, it was seriously delicious (especially the cream cheese with orange zest icing – yum). The only downfall was that we had to read the book every night for the following 2 weeks and revel in the fact that our cake was way better than Jenny’s – Ha! Such a simple but cute idea and I’ll be sure to look for creative bonus opportunities with my books.

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