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CYA Competition Feedback

I’ve posted about my love for the CYA Competition before (find the details of this love affair here) and I have been hanging out to get my feedback for this year because I submitted 5 picture book entries. Well, the feedback is in and I’m pleased to share that someone read my stuff and LIKED IT! Hooray! I can’t give you too many details but I thought I’d share some positive feedback from each story and save them here to remind myself (and inner critic) that I really can do this!

Story #1

“You have a very funny writing style and have created the kind of story some children would find utterly hilarious.”

“Your voice is well-developed”

Story #2

“A beautiful, original story”

“Your writing style/voice is soft and whimsical”

Story #3

“An original text with lots of alliteration and a great twist at the end. This would be a very fun book to read aloud. I like the educational premise delivered in an entertaining fashion. Your writing style is very funny…Well done.”

“This story is very well written. You did a great job. Please keep writing.”

Story #4

“This was a stand-out entry! You have not only left room for an illustrator to enhance the text with artwork, you have created a story that BEGS to be illustrated. Some great use of alliteration…and a nice, well-thought out story arc…You’ve crafted a satisfying ending with a deeper message that good things come out of bad situations when we are creative, observant and willing to compromise…Really well done, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Story #5

“This is a sweet and engaging entry. I got a clear picture in each scene, and the ending wrapped up the story nicely. The language had a nice flow…good use of repetition…An original and heartfelt entry.”


Now, don’t get me wrong, there was feedback that wasn’t as glowing. But after feeling rather uninspired these last few months these words were exactly what I needed to give me the boost to keep going. The next steps are to apply the constructive feedback, edit, polish, edit again, write cover letters/pitches and send them off to suitable publishers. Thanks for the encouragement CYA Judges…I’ll be entering again in 2019! :)



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