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Buying A New Book? Read This First.

Do you love to buy new books? I do. In fact, I struggle to leave a major department store without one. These big shops are great for buying new and bestselling titles, but they stock such a small selection of what’s available and they don’t always have the best price. Here’s some advice that will help take your picture book collection from mainstream to amazing!

Visit A Bookshop – Now!

The beloved bookshops – please do yourself a favour and visit one! They have an amazing selection of picture books. I have found many gems at my local bookshop that I otherwise wouldn’t have come across. If we want them, we must support them!

The Internet Is Your Friend

Where to begin? There so many wonderful sites! I recommend you sign up to some big companies like Book Depository, Booktopia, Wordery, The Nile, AbeBooks – just to name a few! They will send you discounts and promotional offers, such as free shipping. They have a huge catalogue of books so spend some time searching, browsing and reading reviews. When you find a book that you want to buy make sure that you first visit This is a magical site that compares all the online prices (including shipping) so you know you’re getting best deal online. They are also offering free shipping from most sites if you connect through them first. I’m in no way affiliated, just a loyal customer. 

Hunt Down The Author

Not in a stalkerish way, of course! Haha. But if you have found a book that you want to buy, see if you can buy it through the author directly. If they are a self-published author, they will actually earn more money this way as they won’t have to cover the overheads. It’s important to support the creative people of this world! They might also sign it for you, making it extra special.

Buy/Swap/Sell Pages Are Also Your Friend

The Facebook Marketplace is inundated with children’s books and many of them are brand new. Join a local group and grab yourself a bargain. Other sites such as Gumtree are also worth looking at, but I find the local Buy/Swap/Sell Pages have a constant stream of new items, are reasonably priced and always have local pick-up. Remember never pay for goods in advance.


I like to look at new books as an investment. You are investing in your child’s love of reading, which is a lifelong gift. You can always sell your books when they grow out of them or keep them for future generations to enjoy. Of course, buying books new can become expensive and is not always a viable option – especially if you’re like me and have so many! Be sure to check out my next Blog Post for some ideas on expanding your book collection without the price tag.

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