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Review: Bubble and Puddles

Author: Michelle Wanasundera

Illustrator: Thana-one Yazawa


I must admit, for all the books I read my children I have never read them poetry; until I found Bubbles and Puddles by Michelle Wanasundera.

The first thing you will notice when picking up this book is the vibrant illustrations that leap off the page and beam happiness. There are 12 poems in total and each one has it’s own special message. I don’t want to give too much away but I simply must highlight a few for you:

Belly Bubbles

Belly Bubbles is a fun poem that deals with a big issue; childhood anxiety. Although it’s a big issue, it’s cleverly presented in a playful way and will have your children ‘pop, pop, popping’ their worries away. It’s a wonderful tool to use when children experience their own ‘belly bubbles.’

The Magic Feather Tail

The Magic Feather Tail is also a standout for me; I just adore how the Author captures childhood friendship, imagination and the joy of playing make-believe. This one makes me feel a little nostalgic!


Do I have any followers that adore Cats? Well, you will adore Orangey, a super-cute rhyming story about an orangey cat who’s goes crazy for all things orange – especially the falling Autumn leaves. This one is sure to make you smile and want to play under a tree.


I wish I had found this poem when searching for a reading for my daughters Naming Day, because it has the sweetest message about love and family. I must admit I got a bit teary when I first read it; it really is a beautiful poem. It also touches on the importance of letting children only share love with those who they are confident/close with – an important message for everyone.

I can highly recommend Bubbles and Puddles. Michelle wrote this book for her daughter and I think that’s what makes it so special – it oozes love. It celebrates the magic of nature, imagination, mindfulness, friendship and above all family. I can see us sharing these poems over and over for many years to come. It would make the perfect gift for a loved one.

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