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Books Without The Price Tag

Are you looking to expand your book collection, but simply can’t afford to keep buying new? Well, I have some ideas for you….

Buy/Swap/Sell Pages

I suggested Buy/Swap/Sell Pages for buying new books in my previous post: Buying a New Book? Read This First, but it is also a great place to buy second-hand books, at a bargain price. You will find sellers often prefer to sell their pre-loved books in bundles which is an effective way to quickly build your book collection.  Check the photos carefully and ask questions to ensure the books are still in good condition. Remember to always inspect and collect before handing over your money.

Op Shops

The place where many good books go when children grow up! I love searching through Op Shops in the hope of finding an interesting book or one that I loved as a child. The best thing about buying books from Op Shops is that you are giving to charity in need. You are also saving these books from ending up in landfill, so you are making an eco-friendly choice while saving money.

Swap with friends

As adults, we often swap books with our friends so we can share the stories and debrief with each other. But, we don’t often see young children doing this. A book-swap with a friend is a great way to encourage your child to read and share. Get them involved and see which book they would like to share.

The Library

Now I read a lot of picture books and there’s no way I could afford to buy them all, let alone have the space to store them. That’s where the library is great. I’m a member of two major libraries, which gives me access to 8 library locations in the area. The library also has other great services such as Story Time Sessions for children and may even have events such as book launches, author talks and ‘book chats’ – ours even has a knitting club! So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a membership!

I hope I’ve given you some new ideas on where to source your picture books. Children’s tastes are always changing as they grow and it can become expensive if you always buy new. Buying second-hand, borrowing and swapping books with friends will save you money, help the environment and give you an even wider selection of books.

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