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Books For Our Little Perfectionists

Do you have a child who just has to get everything right? Or does the mere thought of making a mistake cue an internal meltdown? Or maybe you just want to highlight to your kids that failing is actually ok, and that it’s the trying, trying again and trying your best that really matters. These books are designed to show children that mistakes are ok and that sometimes they can even lead to something beautiful…


Beautiful Oops

By Barney Saltzberg

I cannot write this blog post without mentioning this book.

It is filled with examples of how making mistakes is ok, and if you use your imagination, may even lead to something even more amazing. Children aged 0-5 will simply love this interactive Board Book.

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By Peter H Reynolds

Oh this book speaks to my heart. My little perfectionist once drew what he described as an ‘ugly sun’ before scribbling it out and refusing to try again. I soon after discovered ‘ish,’ and have since been able to refer to Ramon and his drawings. So if that ugly sun should rear it’s ugly head again, I will simply say it’s ‘sun-ish’ and just like one of Ramon’s drawings. Sure it may not solve all our perfectionist problems but it’s a great starting point. Oh, and if you love this book, you will also want to check out The Dot – it’s another goodie by Peter H Reynolds.

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Perfect Petunias

Author: Lynn Jenkins

Illustrator: Kirrili Lonergan 

This story is written by author Lynn Jenkins, who is also a practicing clinical psychologist and mum, and the illustrator, Kirrili Lonergan, is a former paediatric nurse and mum, currently completing her dimploma in art therapy. Together, they have created a book series ‘Lessons of a LAC,’ that looks to help children deal with common emotional issues, in a sensitive and creative way. Perfect Petunias is the 3rd books in the series and aims to help children who struggle with making mistakes and offers them a new perspective on what is ‘perfect’. You won’t regret introducing your child to Loopy LAC and his homework woes, or Curly his friend who shows him the wild ways petunias grow – it really is a gorgeous, and helpful story. 

You can see some sample pages and buy Perfect Petunias here and you can find Teacher Notes for this story on EK Books Website:


The Magnificent Thing

By Ashley Spires

The girl has a great idea to create the most magnificent thing, so her and her assistant set out to build it. But, every time she tries, something isn’t right – in fact it’s, WRONG! She tries and tries and tries until she gets so frustrated and mad that she EXPLODES! And QUITS! …I don’t want to spoil the ending but let’s just say a good walk helps. I think we can all relate to this story – and so will your kids. A fun, creative story with a powerful message!

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The Book of Mistakes

By Corrina Luyken

This story begins with a mistake, followed by a good idea and then another mistake, and then another good idea and this continues again and again until something amazing is revealed. The illustrations in this story are gorgeous and children will love seeing how each mistake sparks a new idea and what that can lead to – so many possibilities!

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Rosie Revere, Engineer

Author Andrea Beaty

Illustrator: David Roberts

Poor Rosie Revere is so scarred from one of her failed inventions that she now only creates and builds in secret, that is until she meets her amazing Aunt who shows her that everyone fails, and that Rosie should celebrate that first fabulous flop- because you learn from it! This story is told in rhyme and the illustrations are fun and quirky and make me want to build things! I also love that it celebrates women as inventors and creators with a nod to the first women in aviation in the final illustrations. This is a favourite in our house and there are more in the series to discover too!

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Well, can you tell I have a little perfectionist in my life? I really do love using picture books and stories as a way to help my kids! I should add though, that these books are for all children, perfectionist or not – they are a joy to read, the ‘message’ part really is just a bonus.

Have you read any of these books? Let me know what you think over on my Facebook Page and if you think this list could be of use to someone you know, be sure to share it with them ;)

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