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Books are always a good idea!

When in doubt, buy a book! That’s my motto when searching for a present and you can never have too many books – although my husband might disagree!  Today I wanted to share 2 ideas that will make your bookish gift extra special.

#1 Get it signed: There are an abundance of great authors who would be more than willing to sign and personalise their books for you. I have made contact with authors both local and interstate through their websites and Facebook pages and was able to arrange this easily. Also, keep an eye out for new book launches, they are the perfect opportunity to get your book signed.

#2 Make your own gift pack: In an earlier post I wrote about books that come with an added bonus such as a plush toy gift pack (check it out here), but there is nothing stopping you making your own, in fact, it makes it extra special. When my nephew Bodhi was born I bought the book Bucket Sheep by a local Author/Illustrator Jemma Phillips (you can find her here: Illustrations by Jemma Phillips). I teamed it with a super cute sheep plush toy and also a sheep onesie to make my sheepish gift pack complete. Because Jemma was local (and super lovely) she wrote a personal message and signed the book for Bodhi, too. I love knowing that he has this special gift from us and I’m sure it will be a present he’ll cherish for years to come.


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