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About Me

A little bit of background…ok a lot.

I am a teacher, mother, children’s author and picture book enthusiast!

Apparently I’m also a pen enthusiast!

Growing up, I was always reading, dressing up or performing to my family – much to their despair. At school I enjoyed all things creative and went on to complete a double degree at Monash University; a Bachelor of Arts and Education with a major in Criminology and a minor in Drama and as a part of my studies I also completed an Integration Aide course.

After I completed University I was offered my dream job as a teacher at a wonderful Independent School. Over the years I have taught Drama from year levels 5 -12, Legal Studies, Humanities (or SOSE) including Indigenous, Chinese and Vietnamese History and also the history of India (which included an exchange program for myself and my students). I also directed a number of school productions, both devised and scripted and discovered a newfound love and appreciation for the Australian landscape through camps and Outdoor Education hikes.

So, as you may tell my interest are about as varied as a Retro Bag of Allen’s Lollies, but all of these interests make for more interesting stories, which brings me to this blog. Since having my children and being on maternity leave I’ve rekindled my love of storytelling and have been writing picture books. This may sound easy, but it’s well known in the industry that it’s much more complicated than it looks. I’ve been honing my craft over the last 4 years, by writing, editing, reading and entering writing competitions.

Courses I have completed

  • Australian Writers’ Centre ‘Writing Picture Books’
  • Enterprising Words ‘Picture Book Course’
  • Scribbles Creative Writing Course
  • Scribbles Masterclass 2018
  • Scribble Masterclass 2019

Networks I am a part of


  • I am a proud member of The Creative Kids Tale Network – please check out my bio here
  • I am an ongoing member of the Scribbles Community & The Duck Pond, of course!
  • I am also a proud member of the Share Your Story Community – who did a feature article of me in 2017. You can see that here!


In 2018, two of my stories were selected for Share Your Story’s, ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’ Anthology. With all proceeds going towards buying bikes for pre-service teachers in Tanzania.

If you would like to purchase a copy please find the links on this Blog Post


So, as you can see I’m passionate about children’s literature and I have seen first hand the positive influence a love of books has had on my own children. So here I am, sharing my love of picture books and sharing what I learn along the way.

I’m glad you found me and please comment on my posts so we can enjoy talking books together!